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1584 Pioneer Rd.
Cedarburg, WI 53012
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Your Pet's Home Away From Home!

A Word About Our Campus

Riverview Kennel & Doggy Day Care offers the benefits of both indoor and outdoor running room for our guests. No crating means your dog will be interacting with others and getting plenty of much needed exercise.

6000 square feet of indoor space, with climbing prospects, jumping toys reminiscent of the agility meets you've seen on TV, soft surfaces designed to be kind to feet, and numerous resting islands; all temperature controlled to defeat the infamous Wisconsin winters. The floors are covered in sand, as apposed to the concrete often found in other facilities. This truly is a doggy delight!

14,000 square feet of playground outdoors, floored in the natural way (grass, of course), gives summer fun a big space to unfold; winter doldrums are eased on pleasant days with romps on that wisconsin staple: snow!

inside inside
indoor playground (click photo for full size) outdoor playground (click photo for full size)

Too cold? Blizzard conditions? Then it's back inside, back to that Rio-Beach type resort to laze away the day.

Some might expect our guests to be reluctant to go back home, but that is not so. When Mom or Dad arrive, they are all anxious to get back to their own kingdoms, and they can hardly wait to be home ...until tomorrow morning, of course!